YARIE T-Crankup Trout Crankbait 2.6g Color #D7 "Ayu"


No. 675 T-Crankup Trout Crankbait

2.6g  35mm

Light Floating

Color #D7 "Ayu"

An all-purpose crankbait suitable for beginners to advanced anglers, stress-free.

Stress related to crankbaits in angling waters is caused by low hooking rate, many fish that get away, entanglement with a hook, etc. In order to get rid of these causes of stress without damaging ideal actions of a crankbait, Yarie has developed our first high-quality crankbait after a long period of trial and error in the development of prototypes. Our high-quality crankbait can satisfy anyone from beginners to advanced anglers without any stress and enables anyone to catch fish easily. As you use this crankbait longer, you have a better command of it.

By Yarie