Timon Apeed! Spoon 2.7g Color #141

High appeal & high speed retrieve model that works on highly active fish immediately after release

"Apeed!" Has a name that combines "appeal" and "speed." It does not lose its balance in early retrieving, boasts a strong appeal, and is effective for fish that are in a highly active state immediately after release or in the morning. In addition, it has excellent long-distance castability, and it is also characterized by being able to firmly target offshore fish in the big area. By chewing water with a spoon, you can long trace the target range, and the flickering effect attracts fish from a distance.

With 3 weights, it can be used properly depending on the water depth, area size, and fish speed.


2.3g → When the speed of fish is slow, and the area is small or the water is shallow.
2.7g → Standard that can be used under any circumstances
3.3g → Fast fish speed, large scale area and deep water area

Apeed! 2.7 g 27.7 mm e-hook#6 #1