Timon T-GROVEL Spoon 2.8g Color #112

Designed exclusively for bottom capture

It is a spoon that has been thoroughly trained in an area tournament where the bottom capture greatly divides the difference in result of fishing. All of the key points derived from the actual fishing test, "bottom keeping power", "rooting avoidance ability", and "horizontal fall" have been realized.

Reverse bent nose

The "reverse bent nose" shape with the head bent to the opposite side keeps the head up at all times when pulling, reducing snagged. In addition, it was designed with a small and thick body, and succeeded in suppressing the floating, which is a priority issue for bottom capture.

V-shaped cup

Under high pressure, the conclusion is horizontal fall to keep fishing without letting go of the existence of the spoon. It does not let the trout shy with an appeal that is not too strong.

Wide range of weights and sizes

It is possible to use it properly according to the situation of the field. 2.8g / 3.4g is characterized by the advantage of flight distance due to weight increase and the drifting fall due to size increase.

T-GROVEL 2.8g/3.4g 26.0 mm e-hook # 8 #0 Normal color
T-GROVEL 2.8g/3.4g 26.0 mm e-hook # 8 #0 Glow color