X Lure GuruGuru X 1.2g Color "No.2 Fluorescent Yellow"

Color From left: No.1 gold, No.2 fluorescent yellow, No.3 fluorescent pink, No.4 white, No.6 mustard, No.7 olive, No.9 red, No.10 black, No11 silver, No. 14 fluorescent orange, No.15 matte pink, No.16 luminous white, 17 luminous yellow, 18 luminous pink, 20 dark olive, 21 brown

Round and Round

GuruGuru X 1.2g is a strange plate-shaped spoon that swims with a slow retrieve while the entire body rotates and darts left and right!

Is the thread untwisted?
・Testers have repeated the test using 2-4 LB line, and so far there have been no reports of severe kinks.

After rotating in a certain direction, it will rotate in the opposite direction.
You can retrieve while repeating this. (When water is stopped)

How fast is the retrieve?
・Recommend slow retrieve so that the tail hangs down a little! (About 1 rotation of the handle every 2 to 4 seconds)

・From the surface to a depth of 1 m. (Still water) Especially suitable for retrieving at depths of 10 cm to 50 cm.

Stop water or running water
・It's OK not only in still water but also in some currents
 . The X-Stick lure floated when there was a current, but this lure is hard to float because it swims while rotating.

what's the line?
・2lb・3lb (The thinner, the better rotation)

When to tie the line to the lure?
・With a very small snap swivel .

Do you not bend?
・We used a material that is as hard as possible and does not rust easily, but if it should be bent, please return it to use. Even if it's slightly bent, it's OK even if it's a little bit of a square, but there's a high possibility that you'll catch a blast! !

What are your weaknesses?
・Because it is light, it is weak against crosswinds and headwinds .
・Because it is light, it cannot be cast long distances.

・It may be a little difficult for beginners because there is no winding resistance like a minnow with a lip.

・A pound that is extremely low activity and can only be found in places where trout are deep.
Since it is a lure with a high degree of appeal, as long as it is active , it will attack even if the trout is in a somewhat deep place. At this time, the hit is often reversed, so it is easy to get a big hit.

By X Lure