YARIE B-Tap Trout Spoon 1.2g Color #W8 "Iwadatami"


No. 705 B-Tap Trout Spoon


Color W8  "Iwadatami"


Spoon B-Tap developed by an intellectually minded angler, Mr. Yoshimichi Hasegawa enables a hook standing which was the main difficulty to tackle the bottom fishing. Flexibility of a hook is limited to prevent a hook from falling by attaching a split ring to each loop of two hook eyes at a part little inside of the tail of the spoon. As a result, a hook standing is possible in any situation. As the hook is always standing when "letting a lure settle back down", "Dragging it slowly along the bottom," and "bumping it" especially for the bottom fishing, it drastically increases your catch. B-Tap produces as quick wobbling action as "PIRICA MORE" to attract trout. A hook exclusively for B-Tap has been released and it has further increased your catch.

By Yarie