YARIE Dexter Trout Spoon 3.0g Color# AD20 "First Fire"


No. 712 Dexter Trout Spoon


Color AD20 "First Fire"


These colors are recommended for use just after stocking, or in 2nd or 3rd stage when fish are very active. They are also appropriate for enticing fish to bite when fishes react to some extent after they calm down a bit. These spoons are a bit heavier and bright colored for tournament use.

Quick Catch of Fish

They are heavyweight spoons which provide a variety of colors ranging from colors suitable to be used just after stocking, second colors, to third colors. You can directly aim at a offshore spot other anglers overlook by making the most of their heavy weight and tear drop shapes. These spoons are available for going after a wide range of fish from the offshore surface to the bottom as they provide a quick action on start-up for their weight with wobbling and lightly stronger rolling actions.

By Yarie