YARIE PIRICA More Trout Spoon 1.5g Color #E-69 "Fire Blue"


No. 702 PIRICA More Trout Spoon


WINNER Color E-69 "Fire Blue"

These colors help increase your catch with speedy and efficient process of fishing during the time when trout are moving after stocking until trout become inactive.

"PIRICA" is a small, lightweight spoon which works effectively on a slow retrieve. As it is designed to provide jiggly and smooth fall and to effectively deal with the flow of water against a spoon, it works well when casting it down or down-cross in streams or rivers. PIRICA, which is recognized for its stable swim, enables anglers to take control of actions of a lure the way they want so that they can entice a bite at the target moment.

SKU: YARIE70215E69
By Yarie