YARIE Ringo Trout Spoon 3g (Advanced) Color #AD24 "Oyster"


No. 704 Ringo


Advance Series: Bright Color AD24 "Oyster"

These colors are recommended for use just after stocking, or in second and third stages when fish are very active. They are also appropriate for enticing fish to bite when fishes react to some extent after they calm down a bit. These spoons are a little heavier and bright colored for tournament use. 

Ringo is designed to reduce lift by retrieve and pride high range keeping performance. They are highly recommended to use especially in deep ponds with no flow. After casting the lure, please count down at a steady rate and retrieve it, then you can catch on fish after another only by focusing on the place for good fishing and using dead slow retrieve. They enable you to catch more fish snapping at a bait.

By Yarie