YARIE T-Fresh EVO Trout Spoon 2.0g (Advanced) Color #AD26 "Kasupika Orange"


No. 710 T-Fresh EVO


Advance Series: Bright Color AD26 "Kasupika Orange"

These colors are recommended for use just after stocking, or in second and third stages when fish are very active. They are also appropriate for enticing fish to bite when fishes react to some extent after they calm down a bit. These spoons are a little heavier and bright colored for tournament use. 

Recommended spoon for beginners. Beginners at area trout fishing can use it without anxiety.

Attractive spoon for everyone

  • Appropriate level of pulling resistance allows you to retrieve a spoon easily.
  • Micro vibration at hand brings peace of mind that "a spoon is swimming properly."
  • It is light enough to be easy to cast.
  • It properly moves when you use thick line.
  • A range of popular standard colors are offered.
  • It responds to a wide range of retrieve speeds from just after stocking to the situation where fish are inactive.
  • It mainly creates wobbling action to attract fish in fast and regular retrieves.
  • It Mainly creates rolling action to entice fish to bite in slow and very slow retrieves.
  • It demonstrates the endless possibilities for intermediate and advanced anglers.
  • It produces well balanced rolling action in vertical jigging situations and is perfect for bottom fishing in the middle of winter.

T-Fresh EVO aims for further increasing catch rate with the same basic concept as t-Fresh. Anglers can freely manipulate T-Fresh EVO on their own terms from a water churning action, a wobbling action in regular retrieve to a rolling action in slow retrieve.

By Yarie